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Album title revealed!!
Tamar's first solo record is tentatively entitled "I'm not home... leave a message." The song's will include most of these and others still in process:

24 Hrs
Right With You
I don't know what it is
In First
Hold On
Stringing Me Along (working on)
Have A Nice Day

Other possible songs include Phase 2, Walking Hurricane, Real Bad Day, That's a Shame, Alone Tonight, Drunk on You plus some others that are not titled yet.
Listen to the Countdown
The Countdown have been listed on - an ultra-cool Canadian website.
Come on and check it out and become a member of the site and rate the songs and weird-ass pictures!
Tamar a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting contest!
Tamar's song "Right With You" was a Finalist in the 2002 John Lennon Songwriting contest. The song went up against over 30,000 others entered in the competition and Tamar has been awarded $1000 as a finalist in the Pop Category. For all the other winners check out the website. To listen to "Right With You" stream in Real Player, click here.