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Managing finances totally sucks. How many times can I transfer my balances from one credit card to another? Is there a limit? It's gotta fuck up your credit somehow. We're saving for a car and honestly I have no idea how we're going to do it. I have no idea how people can afford 20,000 and upwards SUV's. It's ridiculous. We're looking at the Ford Focus for christ sake! especially cause it comes with a Dell Computer. How bizarre.

This cold I have is just destroying any hopes for sleep. I torture Steve at night. If it's not my coughing then it's my sneezing. He also says I steal all the covers and blankets. If I do, I can't be held responsible. I'm sleeping for godsake!!

I got sucked in to watching Friends last night. (the second to last episode) and it totally sucked!! The cast looked so completely bored with their roles and even the writing was terrible. I'm glad it's going to be was actually painful.

The pic is of Nico in ou…
I think it's strange that this was only a few months ago. Nico is an avid fan of snow. She thinks it's the most hilarious thing ever. I'm going to add some new pics of our backyard. The flowers I planted almost got ripped out of the ground last night from the windstorm. I would have been insanely pissed off as they cost me a pretty penny. Just the other night I had to convince Steve that we had to cover all the plants with plastic since the weatherman said it was going down into the 30's. What a site that was. I cut up a bunch of small white plastic garbage bags and poor Steve had to tape them all together and carefully place them over my flowers while I supervised.
He's a saint. Needless to say the plants survived the night.

So am I famous now that Superfans is on Ebay? Probably not as it's only going for 3 bucks.
someone should bid on it!

Also, for those that are checking out the site for the first time go to
check out the Yahoo club-

This is the Yahoo club for Starball and The Countdown. There are some really old pictures of Starball and newer pics of The Countdown in the photo albums. You can see the progression of
my hair cuts...pretty interesting stuff.

I am very excited for this weekend. It is going to be in the 80's all weekend and I'll be on my hands and knees in the dirt planting flowers.

luv to you and yours

Yay! My website is finally updated. I realized that it had been 2001 since we updated the look of the site. That's insane! So you can still get in touch with me at and i'll be updating stuff at least twice a week. Remember The Countdown is kicking major ass right now so please check that site for updates or even better SIGN UP FOR THE COUNTDOWN MAILING LIST!!! go to and sign up!