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So i found this picture of my parents back in the 1970's...I don't remember what year my mum told me this was. She did say she was going to a new year's party. I love my dad's badass mustache. How about that dress with the grape pattern? How kickass! My parents "retirement/Move To Florida" party is this weekend in Cleveland. They've been living in Cleveland since they moved to America in the early 60's. I think it's a very good thing they're leaving. Cleveland is boring as shit. And at least now when I visit them, I can jump in the car and go to Disney World.

The Countdown is going to be making some noise fairly soon but in the meantime, I've been writing, taking care of my garden and going to garage sales. I love summer. I heard a rough of one of the remixes we are getting done for The Countdown, and it's awesome. Can't wait for you guys to hear. Still waiting to see who is gonna produce this album.

Along with Howard Stern, I'…