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raining and cold in Chicago

It's Wednesday and it's raining and cold in Chicago. I drove to work and listened to "Sunny Afternoon" by the The Kinks and it put me in a better mood even though the lyrics to that song are actually quite depressing! American Idol was interesting last night. I think it's going to come down to Blake and Jordin. They're young, good looking and have room to grow and evolve. Melinda is great but I believe she's as good as she's gonna get and if she wins, it will be a let down to me. I'd be more interested in watching the careers of Blake or Jordin. We'll see!!!

These photos of Tuesday are taken with my HOLGA camera. How cool are these shots!!!

Tuesday has grown so much I can hardly take it. She's so beautiful and SUCH a drama queen. Wonder where she got that???

Steve and Tamar. The drama that is THE COUNTDOWN.