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The end of summer is near. You can feel it in the air. This weekend we took Tuesday to Six Flags and she was tall enough to go on the log ride with us. I thought she would freak out and cry but she was laughing and smiling the entire time and after the 60 foot drop, she said "Again! again!". I was happy and freaked out all at the same time. Is my daughter going to be a brave soul who ventures off into the world with no fear? Is she going to take unnecessary chances? Is she going to be a risk taker to the point where it would be dangerous??? Oh the joy of parenthood!!!! I was just thinking the other day, (with all the flooding, heat, wildfires, global warming etc) that I was happy we were only having one child. I don't think I could take the thought of what is happening to our world and that I would worry until the day I die about my children and how they would survive. One is enough worry for me. I worry so much about her I can't sleep at night and she's not even…