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I'm directing the 80's show at The School Of Rock

I finally get to direct my own show at the School Of Rock and it's my most favorite music of all...the eighties!!
The show will take place the first weekend in December but there is a shitload of rehearsing to do before then since I only get one rehearsal a week! I'll have 20 kids to cast into probably 18 or 19 songs. I have to know these songs backwards and forwards which is actually okay with me being that I love each and every song on the song list. Here is the artwork for the show that Steve helped me with. The show is going to take place in a gymnasium and of course since it's the "class of 85" the show will be a full-on prom! You better pull out your tafetta and hairspray cause whoever is reading this and lives in Chicago better come to this show. I'll post more as it happens.