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American Idol & me

So I spent a couple weeks writing a new song for the American Idol Songwriting Competition. I finally finished it last weekend and recorded it at home. I wrote the song on piano which was a new challenge for me as I actually prefer to write on guitar. The song falls into the big power ballad category and I think it turned out really good! I might even have a fighting chance! I played all the instruments (just bought a 1978 Fender MusicMaster bass that sounds amazing-see the photo below) and even worked out some harmony that I like it a lot. Last year the contest received 25,000 entries! I didn't make the top 20 and thought some of the top 20 choices were good but some were disappointing. But this year I really thought about how to make my entry better and I definitely think it's better. It's really like winning the lottery but it's an absolutely incredible opportunity for a songwriter to at least try. You never know!

check out my new bass I bought on EBAY!