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faculty show and other stuff

On June 8th the faculty at The Paul Green School of Rock is playing a benefit for the kids who are going to Philadelphia for the big School of Rock festival. We're trying to raise money to rent the bus etc. The set list is strange, as all of us come from different backgrounds and had our own ideas about song choices. But nonetheless, it should be an entertaining show.
The one song I'm excited about is Prince's "Let's Go Crazy". I'm playing keys on that and I've been having a blast learning it. I went to YouTube and spent some time watching Prince videos for inspiration. This one is great since it includes scenes of "Purple Rain".

I'm singing David Bowie's "Rock N Roll Suicide" (which was my choice). I definitely wanted to do a Bowie song and this one felt right. This is an unbelievable live version of it that really conveys Bowie at his height in 1973. I can't even express how much I…