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mt. rushmore

Okay, so I finally have a little time to put some photos up. I wanted to start with these since I was totally stoked to see Mt. Rushmore. There is no way to convey through photos, how incredibly high up it was. You drive up and pay 10 dollars for parking and then you walk down this cool walkway until it comes to and end. There are seats sort of set up all around so you can hang out and watch the fireworks and music at night. I think that happens around 8:30-9:00 pm or so. We didn't stay for that since we were starving, but there were a lot of folks waiting for the excitement! We bought tuesday a glow-in-the-dark t-shirt with mt. rushmore on it. She was psyched! She calls mt. rushmore "the faces in the mountain!"

These other photos are the very touristy section of downtown (keep in mind this is one small strip/street), photos of the cool restaurant we had dinner at (terrible food!) and lastly, a photo of Tuesday with real cowboys!!!