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Amazing Review!!!

by Jim Desmond
Here they were, right under my nose in Portland OR where I live, though I hadn't heard of Paradise until our leader here at WYMA, John Hyland, alerted me.

Things you need to know about Paradise:

They prominently use a farfisa organ, a vastly underrated rock'n'roll instrument. Said farfisa organ is played by a very stylish female named Tamar Paradise. We like this a great deal.They are a fashion-forward bunch, and their videos, graphic design and even their fans look terrific. We think this is good - we are tired of sloppy-looking, unfit guys in old flannel shirts.They all use the last name Paradise, which is not all they have in common with The Ramones: Steve Paradise (lead vocals and guitars, and really great guitar at that), Dominic Paradise (bass - heavy/aggressive; vocals), Brian Paradise (drums, tears it up), Tamar Paradise (farfisa, vocals).However, an…

Paradise releases a new video for their second single "Humans and Stars"